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By Being a CFP® Certification holder, A CFP® Professionals will be able to understand the holistic principles and application of the Five Component of Wealth Management Cycles [Wealth Creation, Accumulation, Protection, Allocation, and Distributions]. This has been reported to benefited professionals in many ways, such as:

  1. A CFP® professionals can produce by over 35% higher revenue through Communication proper Financial Planning process with their clients.
  2. 76 % CFP® Professionals report an increase in compensation in the first 12 months after earning CFP® Certification.
  3. 38 % CFP® Professionals have received career advancement as result of CFP® Certification.
  4. 80 % of CFP® Professionals report career satisfaction.
  5. Client relationships were improved/lengthened by having a greater number of CFP® professionals by 65%.
  6. Corporate risk and complaint levels were reduced by having a greater number of CFP® professionals by nearly 80%.
  7. CFP® Professionals expect longer client relationship with financial planning clients by up to 91%.
  8. CFP® Professionals will be a part of International Community of trusted financial professionals who are committed to uphold global standards and putting clients’ interests fist.


| CFP-RFP Certification Handbook | CFP® Certification Training Schedules


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